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Melissa Drew
Procurement & Supply Chain Expert

Melissa Drew has 27 years of business & digital transformation and 17 years working with cognitive technologies. At IBM she followed the goal to reimagine digital transformation strategies and analytics using cognitive technologies to create a better informed, decision-based organization.

Recognized as a global speaker, instructor, and creative disruptor, Melissa is a visionary to how we can stay ahead of our constantly changing global landscape. Melissa was honored in Consulting Magazine's 2021 Women Leaders and has been recognized for multiple industry awards for exceptional performance, leadership, & influence. She is a frequent speaker (domestic & international) for conferences and fortune 50 companies.

Karin Hagen-Gierer
CPO, Sandoz and Strategic Advisor of Archlet
Alfredo Figueira
Head of Commercial & Corp. Procurement Service, Galp

Alfredo Figueria is a seasoned professional with expertise in Procurement, Contracting, Project Management, and Industrial Maintenance, particularly within the Automotive, Oil, and Gas Industries. He excels in leadership, execution, and continuous improvement, adept at driving business transformation and managing diverse teams. With a strong background in Information and Technologies, Alfredo is skilled in 24/7 maintenance activities and corporate environments, proficient in maintenance, sourcing, procurement, and ERP applications.